Buster: “I would say function over form, for sure. We wear a lot of plaid and flannel, comfortable shoes, lots of cotton and leather, stuff that lasts a long time. And then most of us ride and will spend a ton of time on our motorcycles, so often times motorcycle and barber influence determines what we’re wearing.”

Chloe: “I heard a quote a couple years ago that was ‘dress like the art you want to make,’ and so I’ve kind of just done that ever since.”

McKenna: “A lot of my tattoos are actually like mile markers in my life, so I will get them at that point in time and I think that they kind of develop a little bit of meaning as they evolve or they heal and kind of progress. You see how that tattoo is going to heal and it’s like a healing for yourself in that moment of your time. So i think that’s how I express myself and what I’m going through.”