Editor’s Picks: 5 Tech Gifts to Thwart Winter

Whether you’re a super-outdoorsy winter-type, or the kind of person who prefers to sty at home with a good book and a cup of tea when the snowflakes fall, we’ve got you covered with some high-tech gear that will make winter seem more bearable. From a self-heating jacket to a self-regulating temperature mug—the future of tech is now. And it’s hot.


So simple, we wonder why no one thought of this sooner—IceScreens attach to the outside of your car window with magnets preventing frost. That’s less time you’re idling in your driveway waiting for your car to de-ice. Better for the planet. Better for our lungs. Win/win/win. icescreen.com

Ember mugs

These ceramic mugs are Bluetooth-enabled for temperature control. That means your coffee can stay warm until lunch time. Available in a travel mug perfect for trips
up the canyon, too. ember.com


This Utah-made solar-powered lantern can run for 500 hours on a charge—and the onboard USB ports charge your other gadgets. goalzero.com




tech gifts

Ravean jackets

This heated down jacket, made in Utah, is powered by a rechargeable 12v battery, will keep you toasty—and as an added bonus: It will charge your cell phone, too. ravean.com

Christie Marcy
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