Craft cocktails had become a signature drink in Utah—we all knew what orgeat was, expected fresh-squeezed juice, learned to love obscure and local liquors. Even a two-ingredient classic—like gin and tonic—required artisanal tonic and locally made gin. No more Gordon’s and Canada Dry. Speaking of dry, that’s what happened when COVID hit. Except for a few of us who know someone (and here I should give a shoutout to my nephew Adrian Duran) we were back to the basics. Craft cocktails involve a lot of work that goes on before the bartender starts slinging your drink together. So as COVID convinced more people to stay at home and entertain less, locally-lauded barmaster and owner of Top Shelf bartending services Casey Metzger came up with a better idea: The Bartenders Box.

Delivered to your door, the box holds everything you need for a true craft cocktail: fresh-squeezed juices, specially made elixirs, infusions and garnishes (all protected by insulation and a coldpack), a recipe card and even a little easel to put it on while you shake it up so you can hold forth like a real pro. Scan the QR code and watch the video to learn how to get that wrist-snap just right. Each kit is based on a specific liquor—gin, rum, tequila, etc.—and makes at least eight cocktails. Obviously—this is Utah—you provide the booze. A great gift, a great party for two or four, and a great tasting cocktail (cheap at the price) in the comfort of your own home.

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