The Good Guys: Free Curbside Meal Pick-Up for 18 & Under

Anyone under 18 can receive free meals through Utah Community Action‘s free curbside meal program. If you haven’t heard about their program and their positive impact providing meals to our children, you will right now. And the need for feeding our kids was always there, but with the COVID-19 situation and quarantine, keeping kids from schools and Head Start programs, the increase in economic hardships due to lowered wages, furloughs and lay-offs, the need has only been amplified.

Utah Community Action Curbside Pickup Locations
Mondays – Fridays | 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM

FREE curbside pickup meals for ALL CHILDREN 18 AND UNDER at 8 Head Start locations in Salt Lake and Tooele Counties. This service is open to the community. For more info, visit

James R. Russell (JRR): 1240 N American Beauty Dr., SLC 84116
Palmer Court: 999 S Main St., SLC 84111
South Salt Lake (SSL): 2825 S 200 E, SLC 84115

Kearns: 5361 S 4220 W, Kearns 84118
Copperview (CCC): 8446 S Harrison St., Midvale

Catherine C. Hoskins (CCH): 6447 W 4100 S, West Valley City 84128

Magna: 8275 W 3500 S, Magna 84044
Wendover: 1007 Skyhawk, Wendover 84083


But kids going hungry is something that should never happen, not here, and not now. Utah Community Action is serving up nutritious and fresh food, including fruit and veggies to supply: breakfast, lunch and a snack. Cartons of fresh milk are given as well. For babies and small children: powder formula, baby food, wet wipes and diapers (At each pick-up location, they are asking for donations for those items in particular.)

Picking up is as easy as, driving up. Once curbside, parents/caretakers indicate how many meals are needed by holding up fingers.

For babies and small children: powder formula, baby food, wet wipes and diapers (At each pick-up location, they are asking for donations for those items in particular.)

From the UCA’s South Salt Lake Head Start pick up location a message was shared from a family’s curbside experience, “THANK YOU for doing this, it’s our activity and outing for the day. We get bathed and dressed and ready to go get lunch. Then we come back home or stop at a park and eat it. It has made all the difference in the world for us and it’s what we look forward to each day.”

UT Community Action communications coordinator, Kate Corr shares these updates from our last post:

The first is that we’re now at 8 locations, with the Grantsville and Tooele locations removed due to alternatives available very nearby. The second is that we’re no longer able to accept volunteers per county and city guidance. We are still welcoming donations for baby essentials (wipes, formula, baby food, etc.). Currently, Magna is the most utilized. Yesterday alone that site distributed over 300 meals.”

Fresh prepared veggies and fruits are included in these curbside meals.

Packed and ready to be picked up by families in our community.

Thank you Utah Community Action and all those who are serving our community!!


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Jen Hill
Jen Hill
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