The Great Outdoors: Sorrel River Ranch & Spa

It may be a little unfair to other states that “The Great Outdoors” is actually synonymous with the Moab area, but we aren’t saying we feel bad about it. Actually, quite the opposite, we love it so much it’s on our license plates, people. Moab is a destination unlike any other, so why not experience it in a unique way? You don’t have to take the same vacation photos as the millions Moab visitors, right?

The property at Sorrel River Ranch

Don’t worry, it’s not a mirage, it’s an actual luxury in the desert surrounded by some of the world’s most famous, scenic red rock landscapes. Oliver Gibbons, general manager of Sorrel River Ranch, says the ranch allows guests to immerse in nature, and enjoy activities you can’t usually get in Moab. “You’re not doing the typical tourist experience,” Gibbons says.

Yoga at Sorrel River Ranch

World-class dining, private excursions, it’s all at your fingertips and the best part, Utahns? It’s family-friendly. When can you find luxury that the kids can also enjoy? Sorrel River boasts a petting zoo on top of an endless list of activities for junior ranch wranglers including equestrian adventures. If all of the hiking, biking, and outdoor beauty seems overwhelming, then just get off the grid. Garden and cooking demos are also offered on the ranch but squeeze those in between a little rest and relaxation while enjoying views for days. “We go beyond luxury and create unforgettable experiences. At Sorrel River Ranch, you are on an expedition, you really are an adventurer.”

Sorrel River Ranch & Spa

Mile 17, UT-128, Maob

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