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Restoring independence—that is the true goal at the heart of The Haven, one of Utah’s premier residential addiction recovery programs since 1969.

Treatment plans at The Haven generally focus on low-income individuals, or those with a high risk of fatality, and don’t stop at treating chemical dependencies: they work to develop independence in mental health, life skills, and stabilization. 

“Many parts of our program, whether it be outdoor recreation or building a resume, sound basic to the general public,” says Heather Chase, executive director. “But the reality is that many of our clients have never experienced anything outside of extreme poverty, oppression, and lack of opportunity.”  

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Heather Chase second from the left pictured with her team


In their various residential facilities and sober living communities around the state, The Haven treats a variety of people, from the justice-involved to the unhoused, and is developing ways to be more inclusive of the LGBTQ+ population with identified gender programming.

Many team members at The Haven have a unique understanding of how to help individuals struggling with addiction. One of their team members, Danielle Davidson, went through the program several times, finally succeeding in 

sobriety before becoming a full-time supporter at The Haven. “We see her as a great source of knowledge and depth in treating fellow patients,” Chase says. “She is now on naloxone billboards all around the state. If she can do this, anyone can.” 

Another of The Haven’s biggest missions is education, both for their teams and for the community at large. Within The Haven, a wave of trauma-informed counseling is now creating space for healing and personal growth within addiction recovery. 

“Previously, there was a big focus on militancy in recovery. I got sober that way, but I really enjoy the trauma-informed model because it helps humanize people,” Chase shares. “It helps providers and the public realize that a lot of these behaviors are trauma responses and not the result of being a bad person.” 


While volunteering opportunities are rare, The Haven is always in need of donations for their care packages, designed to help transition community members into fully independent sober living. Items such as new clothing, personal hygiene, and cleaning supplies often aren’t covered in funding requests and can add up quickly. Donations of this nature truly go toward caring for someone long-term and are always welcome.

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