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Sculpt that Butt!

Sculpt that Butt!

This is for those who like big butts, and let’s not lie—below-the-waist aesthetic has been set. Think Kim, Beyonce and Lizzo. They are all onto something—a big, round and juicy something. If you’re not born with it, you can get it. From fitness apparel which encourages lift and volume, to booty-enhancing photo apps, let’s run through some options for a butt lift in Utah that aren’t invasive or dangerous. Fitness professionals with 1M+ followers are being worshipped like gurus as they bench press, bridge, lunge and squat and go after their butt-making magic. Today your gym coach experience is backed up by fit science—which any “can you feel it” Jane Fonda fan can appreciate.

butt lift in utah

Apparel and fitness clothing lines have also joined in to get us to the gym, get us moving and look good during and afterwards. Albion Fit, a locally owned biz, brings couture to the gym and anywhere you care to look great and feel comfortable. Albion’s Intention leggings will become your LBD of leggings, catering to any type of workout and adding flattering contour stitching. Albion’s “magic bum pants” aka Jetsetters are draw-string joggers with tapered leg and gold-bling zippers.

EMSculpt: Butt Lift Technology

Spa Rhea in Draper, has a non-invasive technology which claims to do the workout without working out. The claim is that one session triggers 20,000 muscle contractions, or the equivalent of 20,000 squats in one go (that’s impressive.) EMSculpt’s high-intensity focused electromagnetic current takes you past what voluntary muscles could ever do.

Placing my personal butt on the line, we put EMSculpt to the test. To track results Spa Rhea’s Master Esthetician, Katlin Black took pictures and measurements then proceeded to strap on electromagnetic paddles as I underwent four 30-minute butt-zapping sessions. While not exactly painless, the current comes in waves and becomes more tolerable as you go. To relieve post-zap muscle soreness, intermittent tapping helps to release lactic acid build up. Results? After the sessions, my follow up measurements were impressive, noticing gains in both lift (about an inch) and visible tightening. The best news is that clinical trials have shown that results continue for over a year. And stepping into the gym for the real thing wouldn’t hurt either.

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