A Q&A with The Lovely Noughts


A. Aidan and Jake met through mutual friends that were jamming at the time. They started messing around, jamming randomly a few times. Then they started to talk about starting a three-piece band. Eventually Aidan got in touch with his drummer friend Ruben. “We didn’t start off wanting a band initially, we just wanted to jam and have fun. We started playing some songs Aidan had been working on and I brought a couple songs to the table too,” says Jake. “It was just really fun. Not too long after that, we got asked to play a show. So we put together a set and made it happen. That really set things in motion. Fast forward a year and we asked our long time friend Dalyn to play bass so we added another man to the band. We did some recordings that we consider to be more like demos that we put out. We re-recorded “Walking” from those demos at a real studio.”


A. “The whole Covid thing hit us as a band pretty hard. We were playing monthly shows at the Garage On Beck to pay for our practice space. The Garage kind of became our home venue over the past year, but when the shows stopped the band’s money slowly ran dry and we unfortunately had to leave our space a couple months ago. In a way, we are kind of back at square one, trying to figure out what our next move is.”


A. “The band has been kept afloat since the beginning by friends, family and fans. We would not be where we are without their support. Hard times happen and we find ourselves trying to think optimistically. We miss playing shows for everyone and can’t wait to be back doing it. We plan on taking this time to write and work on some new things, fingers crossed we’ll have something out soon.”

You can check out more about the Lovely Noughts at lovelynoughts.bandcamp.com

Kaitlyn Christy
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