Chocolatier Blue and the Mary Poppins Cure for The Winter-Time Blues

Obviously, Chocolatier Blue makes one of the most gorgeous boxes of chocolates ever. Just take a look. But think beyond the obvious Hallmark gifting on February 14. Every winter day is a reason for giving a friend a box of Chocolatier Blue chocolates, bite-size works of art enrobed in award-winning Solstice Chocolate and filled with a mind-bending array of flavors.

Who’s got the winter blues? (We all know everyone is raising their hands except our frozen powder-hounds.) But I’m pretty sure we all—including the snow bunnies—could use a little pick me up from the inversion that looms over us this time of year.

There are scientific ways to blow away that gray cloud that surrounds us physically and mentally. According to Columbia University, sitting next to an artificial light source for about 30 minutes a day can be as effective as antidepressant medication. But come on, who has the time or desire to befriend a light box? There is also a study done by Harvard University, which says walking at a brisk pace for 35 minutes a day five times a week could improve symptoms of mild to moderate depression. Yes, but then we’d be out in the inversion creating a whole new set of health issues. So finally, after much scouring of the Interwebs—well, truly just a quick Google search. According to a Dartmouth University study, certain foods like chocolate—yes, chocolate—can help to enhance your mood and relieve anxiety. My sweet tooth has never been more thankful for the hard work done by the scientists at the Ivy League universities of the Northeast.

So if a spoonful of sugar or in chocolatier Chris Blue’s case, a bite full of sugar helps the medicine go down, then Mary Poppins can write my prescriptions any day. And I’ll take as many milligrams of Blue’s Anti-Winter Collection as is allowed. His collection made with Utah’s own Solstice Chocolate, is complete with bright citrus flavors, lots of booze and nostalgic dessert flavors that will not only excite your tastebuds, but wipe away any and all winter depression. With flavors like cajun martini, tequila sunrise and pineapple upside-down cake, I’m gonna have to request unlimited refills on my chocolate prescription.

These tasty treats are sold exclusively at Caputo’s locations.

So no more winter-time complaining. We’ve found the cure. Build up your confidence. Ask out that cute light box who’s been warming your heart this January. Go for a brisk walk around the dining room table—though be forewarned this is a marriage ritual in some cultures. And savor a yummy chocolate to whisk away the winter-time blues. (Besides, the infamous “they” also say chocolate is an aphrodisiac. So happy lovin’ my friend.)

— written by: Andrea Kile Peterson

Andrea Peterson
Andrea Peterson
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