Clifford resigned from the DABC in 2012, after seeing top administrators forced out and wine and alcohol ordering put under a centralized system that emphasized sales of “value-priced” beverages over finer wines and liquors.

Clifford says these politically driven decisions were a disservice to a increasingly discriminating dining public, but also damaging to the states’ economic development, particularly in tourism and convention business.

Here is Clifford’s letter in full:

Bravo, Mike, to your crack team of efficiency experts led by Ms Cox!

After months of digging and thousands of dollars spent, you came to the same conclusions I and others have been telling you all along: the DABC is badly underfunded, short staffed, under payed and unsupported, while low on inventory and product selection to meet public demand. No mea culpa on the failed centralized order system but a simple acknowledgement that managers should be able to adjust their forced orders. Of course, the “devil is in the details” that are totally lacking in the one page cheerleading summary.

Looks like Kristin also doubled down on her multiple stores for one manager boondoggle, unfortunately. Absolutely no one in retail management would agree with her on that. It’s a mistake you will need to fix sooner than you think unless she is suddenly snapped up by the Harvard School of Business Management for innovative thinking.

I’m sincerely surprised your boss finally recognized he needed to intervene on the budget cuts, yet another obvious issue for some time. Trouble is, the effect won’t be felt until next fiscal year while more damage is done.

Good luck in your selection to replace Tom Zdunich. Hopefully you’ll find someone capable of taking over for Sal when his term expires next summer. And I’m relieved to see Francine isn’t on the selection committee like she was with those two!