Survivor’s guilt is the topic of Plan-B’s season closer Jump opening this week at the Rose Wagner Theater. Sounds fun! The original work by Austin Archer centers on a failed parachute and the aftermath of that very binary situation, it either opens or it doesn’t, right?

The play is an existential musing by Archer, a Utah actor and playwright who had a real-life experience sky diving that didn’t go so well. Archer returns to that frightening moment to tease out the implications of a near-death experience. Focusing on the moment of free fall, none of the characters Archer creates are able to settle back on Earth. It promises to be an interesting evening of theater.

”You know what I thought as I watched your miniature bodies falling through the sky out of that teeny-tiny plane? I thought, ’That looks like so much fun!’” Archer writes.

Like always, tickets for Plan-B’s latest are scarce but there are still some available for the run from April 5 to 15, 2018. And Plan-B’s wait list is a a solid bet. To get on the list, go to the box office at the Rose Wagner, one hour before curtain. Go hang out at Squatter’s or something until five minutes before showtime when they fill empty seats. For more information, go to here.