Every year the list is different. We don’t do categories, we don’t fill in forms, we don’t count votes. We just pick our brains and everyone else’s for the coolest, newest and unexpected superlatives in the Beehive State. Every year we surprise ourselves and are delighted at the discoveries. You too will be surprised and delighted. And, no doubt, disgruntled. Because we left out one of your favorites. Let us know. 

things to do in ogdenBest New Beer Idea, Rooster’s B Street Taproom – Rooster’s laid the cornerstone for hip Ogden when they opened their brewpub on Historic 25th Street. After that, the cool places sprang up like houses on a Monopoly board. Now, they’re doing it again: With the opening of the B-Street Taproom, across the bridge from downtown Ogden, Rooster’s is breaking in another new concept. This one is, gasp, for adults only. The menu echoes downtown, the brew-friendly munchies of the original and the beer is made right there. 2325 B. Ave., Ogden, 801-689-2879, roostersbrewingco.com

Best Vegan Anything, Lavender Kitchen’s Brookie – Half brownie, half cookie, zero animal products, 100 percent delicious. Lavender Kitchen is disrupting Ogden’s food scene by churning out incredible, fully-vegan deliciousness on a daily basis. Check out their signature brookie or any one of their unbelievably vegan goods. We seriously can’t believe there’s no butter. 2276 Washington Blvd., Ogden, 801-628-1576, thelavkitchen.com

Best Hike Most People Don’t Do, Frary Peak on Antelope Isle. – Forget the legendary gnats. Ignore the lake stink. Antelope Island is one of the most beautiful places in Utah. The salt-shimmer of the shallow water, the views of the mainland, the sheer other-worldliness of its earthly landscape are best seen from the top of Mt. Frary. After a short but strenuous hike spend some time catching your breath and absorbing the wonder. utah.com/hiking/frary-peak

things to do in ogdenBest Piano, City Club Bar – All-Beatles all the time—that’s the theme of the City Club bar upstairs in Ogden. From the Fab Four of 1963 to the grizzled seers of their waning days, the faces of John, Paul, George and Ringo (which one was your crush?) are plastered all over the walls, ceiling and—most impressively—this hand painted piano. Yeah. Yeah, Yeah. Porter Block Building, 264 Historic 25th St., Ogden, 801-392-4447, thecityclubonline.net

Best Way to Indulge Your Prepper Obsession, Smith & Edwards – We know; Doomsday Preppers has got us on a paranoia binge as well. Luckily, Smith & Edwards is a wild place where you can buy insane amounts of prepper gear to make you feel better about the end of the world as we know it. Our advice? Literally just wander around the store—it’s seriously nutter butters. 3936 UT-126, Willard, 801-731-1120, smithandedwards.com

things to do in ogdenBest Ogden Original, Two Bit Klettersack- Take it from trail to office. This rugged pack has special space for your laptop and add-on camera pouch. ogdenmade.com


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