Nick Price and Meg Frampton—founders of Three Pines—wanted to start out small and keep their focus on making great espresso. Since the move to From Scratch, their menu has expanded a bit to include pastries and house-made almond milk.


But some standard café fare you won’t find on Three Pines’ menu: lattes and cappuccinos.

You read that right. No lattes and cappuccinos on the menu. Hipsters may be dismayed, but the focus is on quality, not trendiness.


“Our main goal is to make it as simple as possible. Those are the menus that I like to see at a restaurant,” Frampton says. “I just want a very simple menu with just a few things that are made really well.”

When ordering an espresso and milk drink at Three Pines customers just choose a size—4-, 8- or 12-ounce.


“If I go into 10 different coffee shops and ask for a cappuccino, I’m going to get 10 different beverages,” Price says. “Let’s just make it simpler. I want it to be approachable. I think there’s a lot of pretension around coffee, especially third wave specialty coffee.”

Price worked at the now defunct Handsome Roasters in LA where he first encountered a latte-less coffee menu. And it just made sense to him, Price says. Another thing Price picked up during his time at Handsome was how to be hospitable.

“If anyone is interested in specialty, third wave coffee or interested in what we’re doing, don’t be afraid to come and ask questions and talk to us,” Price says.

Friendly coffee. That’s a concept.

Three Pines Coffee, 62 E. Gallivan Avenue


Monday – Thursday: 7am – 6pm

Friday: 7am – 8pm

Saturday: 8am – 6pm

Sunday: 8am – 6pm