Tiffany Colaizzi

Name Droppers is the brain-child of Tiffany Colaizzi whose hard work and expert fashion sense has propelled her business to become Salt Lake City’s only high-end Designer Consignment Clothing stores.

The Name Droppers brand has grown extensively over the
last 22 years with two locations covering over 6,000 sq.ft. of shopping space.

Shipments of clothing and accessories arrive daily from loyal consignors living in many different fashion markets such as
Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Newport Beach, Las Vegas, etc. These locations all add to the uniqueness of Name Droppers constantly changing inventory keeping it fresh and one of a kind.

Don’t get fooled by the assumption that everything at Name Droppers is gently worn. Over half of the inventory in both stores is brand new with tags. Name Droppers deals with manufactures, reps and small boutiques that need to make room for new inventory in their showrooms and stores so they send to Name Droppers.

The customer service at Name Droppers is always a pleasure. Unlike most shopping experiences, each staff member (trained by Tiffany) is a fashion stylist and offers styling at no extra charge. Call ahead before that last minute trip, the special occasion, or just when you want to feel like a celebrity. Name Droppers will have a rack full of different looks for you to try. They know your time is precious and they will help you spend it wisely. Shopping is fun when someone is doing it for you and saving you money too. It’s a simple in-and-out.

Don’t miss Name Droppers End of the Month Sale. It is held the last full weekend of every month at both locations, Friday, Saturday and Sunday (Highland Drive Only—outlet store closed Sundays).

High-end clothing means quality, style and excellent workmanship. You can have all of that at Name Droppers and wear the clothes you only dreamed of or have seen in the fashion magazines such as Gucci, Chanel, Burberry, Saint Laurent, Givenchy, and Prada etc… a fraction of the original price. It’s the smart way to shop!

Q: How does your personality, experience and background influence your business?

I am a people person—this really comes in handy with the 15,000 consigners Name Droppers has. I started working retail when I was 14 yrs old in Newport Beach,California. I love people and love being apart of a community that supports small businesses. Salt Lake City has supported my business for the last 22 years and I’m very thankful for that.”

Q: Biggest challenge?

I love what I do and love my clients so much at both of my stores, that I wish I could be at both my locations everyday.”

Q: Dream Goal?

My dream goal is to start franchising Namedroppers within the year.”

name droppers |

Main store: 3355 Highland Dr , SLC,  |  801.486.1128

Outlet: 2350 Parleys Way (2100 South)  |  801.474.1644

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