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written by: Susan Lacke

Utah housing trends are changing to meet the demands of a younger population. Unlike their parents’ generation, famous for suburbia and second mortgages, Millennials are seeking out smaller floor plans that allow them to live where they work and play.

“The former generational model of ‘drive until you qualify,’ has proven less sustainable, disruptive to family life and downright dull,” says real estate developer James Alfandre. “[The younger population] now wants well-designed housing within walking distance to the heartbeat of a thriving neighborhood’s jobs and amenities, where families of all sizes have eyes on the street, and the neighborhood then becomes an extension of the living space.”

Alfandre saw this trend coming years ago. When McMansions were all the rage, Alfandre was viewed as crazy for investing in the run-down Granary District southwest of downtown Salt Lake. Today, the neighborhood is in high demand with Millennials.

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