Tips for Cutting Hair at Home

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been having a bad hair day everyday. It’s been a whole two months since my last haircut. My beloved collarbone length hair has grown out past my chest. Needless to say, I am in desperate need of a good cut. Which got me thinking… there must be a lot of fellow overgrown-helpless souls out there who are sitting at home with untamed hair. So on behalf of everyone who urgently needs a trim (and before we all pull a Britney Spears circa 2007…), I reached out to the experts at Got Beauty for some helpful tips for cutting hair at home.

Tips for cutting hair at home: 
  1. Have the right hair cutting shears. Do not use kitchen scissors! 
  2. Those with straight hair: cut wet, this allows easy handling. Those with curly hair: cut dry- curly hair is longer when wet and shorter when dry. Cutting dry ensures your desired length.
  3. Always take less than you think. You might think you want that cute chin-length bob you saw on an Instagram model… but try to refrain yourself. Instead, cut less. If you’re still longing for a shorter length, go ahead and cut more.
  4. This is no time to cut bangs. Seriously. Don’t do it. I can tell you from (a traumatizing) experience that trying to follow a youtube tutorial on cutting your own bangs is a terrible idea. (I had to wear a hat for 2 months before I could go to a professional and have them fix my mistake). If you really want bangs, just wait. Got Beauty‘s hair stylists will be here for you once this is all over to cut your bangs beautifully. Until then, do NOT cut your bangs.
  5. Be sure to use sectioning and follow the layering previously cut by your stylist. This will ensure a clean looking cut.
Got Beauty is open 11am – 5pm everyday for curbside pickup. Phone orders and online shopping is available as well.


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Kaitlyn Christy
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