Tips for Getting a Well Rested Night of Sleep

Written by Kayla Vidal

Is there anything more valuable than a decent night’s rest? Not for me since I know that there aren’t enough Iced Americanos in the world to help me get through the day when I’m tired. The suggested solid seven hours of sleep not only allows for you to feel rested and energized for the following day, but also helps fight the risk of advanced health issues and problems that will keep you searching through WebMD for days on end.

Unfortunately, according to a new study conducted by the U.S. Center for Disease Control, only 1 in 3 adults are getting the necessary seven hours they should be getting. So, if it’s not the two co-workers sharing the cubicle with you, it might mean they’re talking about you. This means that 34.8 percent of American adults are getting even less than the suggested minimum of seven hours of sleep. Not only are these adults missing out on the amazing experience that is sleep, they are also at risk of fatigue-driven actions such as driving tired and working inefficiently, as well as multiple health risks such as high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, coronary heart disease and even an early death.

Various techniques, new and old, from all around the world try to help people achieve a good night’s rest. There is an old-fashioned glass of milk and bourbon, though many say it is hard to achieve sleep while drunk, so we suggest a light sip as opposed to a hard chug. White noise has also found to be a common go-to for help with sleep. I mean, we live in Utah, so who wouldn’t want to fall asleep to the dreamy sounds of ocean waves and rainforests? Many also suggest a hot bath or shower right before bed for a little R&R to help wind down from the day. Ultimately, though, the greatest technique and far most important is what you are sleeping on.

Intellibed, also known as the world’s most advanced mattress manufacturer, is opening a new location in Park City.  “We are excited to be a part of the Park City community and share our message of healthy restorative sleep,” says Jenny Stoddard, the Marketing Director for Intellibed. Its revolutionary technology allows each individual sleeper a mattress that is both firm and soft, and fits to their own individual needs. The innovative Gel Matrix™ promotes the keys necessary to achieving a healthy sleep such as good posture support, pressure point relief and a healthy and safe environment. With such innovative technology, a night full of sleep could be on the horizon.

The new store will be open mid-July at 6622 Landmark Dr., Park City. Intellibed will also be expanding into Fashion Place Mall in Murray and Red Cliffs Mall in St. George by the end of 2017.

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