Top 10 Hikes in Salt Lake City

One of the best ways to enjoy the beautiful mountains in Utah is to hike them. Here is a list of our favorite hikes around Salt Lake City.

1. Lake Mary, Martha and Catherine

You’ll find all three of these lakes in Big Cottonwood Canyon. The trailhead is located behind the parking lot at Brighton Ski Resort.

2. Donut Falls

Big Cottonwood Canyon: The trailhead of this popular summertime hike turns into Salt Lake’s favorite sledding hill come winter.

3. Ensign Peak

Above the state capitol, Ensign Peak rewards hikers with spectacular views. A simple but rewarding hike for all ages.

4. The Bonneville Shoreline Trail

Bonneville Shoreline Trail is accessible, dog-friendly and filled with trail runners and mountain bikers.

5. Cecret Lake

Located in Little Cottonwood Canyon offering hikers an incredible view surrounded by wildlife.

6. Grandeur Peak Hiking Trail

In Millcreek Canyon, easy to follow. The trailhead is located in the Church Fork picnic area.

7. Silver Lake

At Brighton resort, a beautiful view with trail forks leading to surrounding near by lakes. Simple to follow and well-maintained trail.

8. Mt. Olympus

9,026 foot peak located in the Salt Lake Valley, east of Wasatch Boulevard. This hike is steep but the trail is easy to follow.

9. Bells Canyon

Follow this trail up to a stunning waterfall with great views of the Salt Lake Valley along the way. It’s fairly common to run into wildlife along the way.

10. The Living Room

One of the coolest city hikes is to The Living Room (trailhead at 383 Colorow Dr.), which gets its name from the many hand-fashioned boulder couches and chairs for enjoying the city view.


Visit our Newcomer’s Guide for more tips.

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