Top Wine Picks for the Holidays

Whether you’re looking to up your wine profile, delight the next round of dinner guests or simply treat yourself to a great glass (or two) of something new and fabulous, Alexis and Justin Taylor have you covered. Each week the pair deliver an elegant e-newsletter detailing their favorite wine picks accompanied by seasonal recipes and insider tips. Their blog, The Vine Revelation offers that rare opportunity to reinvent oneself through a meal, aperitif, cocktail or glass of something sparkly—simply by providing intelligent suggestions and manageable recipes that neither break the bank nor your patience. Each newsletter details a featured libation available in Utah liquor stores with a recipe based on the season. Archives of past posts, organized by category (sparkling, white, rose, red, cocktails and food) and pairings (briny, clucky, fired, fresh, hoofed, rich, spiced, tart and umami) read like the cookbook you pick up because it is beautiful but actually end up using. For those of us without the time or energy required to maintain this level of sophisticated globally-inspired food and wine savoir, The Vine Revelation is practically required reading. Treat yourself:

1. How do you choose your wine each week?

Justin: We make it our goal to highlight value wines that are super approachable. For some, drinking a particular bottle is about status. Others get really excited about the soil or climatic conditions during the grape’s growing season. We drink wine because it tastes good.

2. Can you share any tips for pairing food and wine?

Alexis: I’m not a no white pants after Labor Day kind of girl. Do what makes you happy. Most people drink how they eat, so they instinctively make good pairings, like big reds with heartier fare. The rule is you don’t want the wine and food to compete. So if you’re craving a Cab, but want a salad for dinner, beef it up with blue cheese or hearty protein to balance the wine.

3. What are your top wine picks for the holidays?

Alexis: The Indigenous Prosecco has enough finesse to enjoy on its own, but is also great for creating champagne cocktails. Chalk Hill makes a classic, creamy Chardonnay that pairs nicely with traditional holiday food. The Conundrum red has a round, concentrated fruit I find so comforting during the holidays. And to power you through family drama… indulge in a bottle of the Obsidian Ridge Cabernet.

4. What guides your decision making when dining out?

Justin: Since moving to town 14 years ago, the local scene has exploded. When our family of five dines out, we opt for share plates so we can try as many dishes as possible. It’s a fun and modern way to dine and a great way to explore new wines. The best small-plates restaurants also do a great job of educating their staff, so make sure to ask for by-the-glass recommendations.

5. What is your guilty pleasure during the holiday season?

Alexis: Anything ginger. Gingerbread, ginger cookies, chocolate covered ginger, and especially Domaine de Canton ginger liqueur. I pour it in bubbly every chance I get. Add a strip of orange zest and you have an elegant cocktail that is a cinch to make.

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Vanessa Conabee
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