Two Days. $150. Six Meals.

Making the most of it...


Let’s face the facts. Park City ain’t cheap these days. But just because the bourgeois incursion into the once and former quaint mountain hamlet has rendered much of the town inaccessible doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in the finer epicurean delights the town offers. Sure, you can throw outrageous sums of money at gamey braised meats if that’s your thing, but you can also explore Park City’s culinary excellence without liquidating your kid’s college fund. We set out to unearth the ideal two-day feast in Park City that won’t leave you utterly destitute. The budget was $150—$152 actually. Sue me. I was hungry—for two days. That’s six complete, incredible meals including some coffee and cocktails because, hey, who doesn’t enjoy treating oneself from time to time? That may be a touch pricey for the average Tuesday/ Wednesday meal plan, but for utter indulgence on a weekend ski vacation it’s a most reasonable total.


BREAKFAST: FIVE5EEDS Shakshuka with Spicy Sausage and a Double Espresso ($22) Pair a couple of eggs poached in cumin, paprika and cayenne-infused tomato sauce with a cup of incomparably smooth espresso, and you’re off to a delightful start to the day. Five5eeds [sic] has an overtly hipster aesthetic bordering on comically low-fi and industrial, but they whip up an incredible breakfast. Add spicy sausage which nicely complements the toasted baguette side and you’ll have everything you need: a little heat, a little sweet and plenty of calories. 1600 Snow Creek Drive, Park City, 435-901- 8242,

LUNCH: BACK DOOR DELICATESSEN Hot Italian Sandwich with Chips and Vernors ($15) Discreetly tucked onto the corner of Heber Ave. and Swede Alley, Back Door Delicatessen flat out has the best sandwiches in Park City. The Hot Italian is stacked with delectable ham, salami and pepperoncini peppers. That’s all tucked between the finest crispy, yet chewy baguette you’ll find this side of the Atlantic. Pair it with a bag of salt and vinegar chips and a can of Vernors ginger ale, and you have a lunch that can’t be topped. 136 Heber Ave., Park City, 435-647-9200,

DINNER: CORTONA Lamb Bolognese with Chianti Classico Cetamura ($39) Cortona is the hidden gem of Park City. The restaurant is unceremoniously located in a Kimball Junction strip mall adjacent to a cellphone repair shop and the state-run liquor store, but their food is divine. The lamb Bolognese is a wonderful interpretation of the savory Italian classic. A glass of the Chianti nicely accompanies the meal, or you can bring a bottle of your personal favorite for a $20 corking fee. 1612 W Ute Blvd., Park City, 435-608-1373,



BREAKFAST: HARVEST Soft Scrambled Eggs with a Flat White ($17) Kick off your second day with a comparably hip breakfast. The soft scrambled eggs with salsa verde, herb salad and toasted sourdough are a mildly spicy conduit for some protein and carbs to start your day. Accompany your meal with a flat white—a regional espresso and microfoam favorite from Australia and New Zealand that’s all too frequently degraded with excess milk in North America. 820 Park Ave., Park City, 435-604-0463,

LUNCH: BARTOLO’S Lamb Campanelli ($22) Bartolo’s is a relative newcomer in Park City, serving terrific Italian food with a modern vibe and an open kitchen. The pasta dishes shine, particularly the lamb campanelli with mint cream and Parmesan. Drink? Have a water for once. It’s vacation but you just spend three bucks on a coffee, and I bet you’re going to splurge on a craft cocktail later. 1241 Center Drive, Park City, 435-604-0608,

DINNER: TWISTED FERN Chicken Fried Portabella with a Persnickety Ginger ($37) Twisted Fern chef Adam Ross isn’t shy about putting forward meals where plants are the showcase, and the chicken fried portobello is the perfect encapsulation of what he does best. The green peppercorn gravy, cauliflower grits, asparagus and pickled carrot round out the delectable plate. Top it off with a Persnickety Ginger, a cocktail of bourbon, ginger beer, habanero and lime bitters. 1300 Snow Creek Drive, Park City, 435-731-8238,