Update: 2023 Mushroom Grow Kits Available from Fungal Focus

Mushroom enthusiasts, rejoice! The latest mushroom trend is here, and it’s all about growing your own at home. And with 2023 mushroom grow kits from Fungal Focus now available, you don’t need to be a pro to get started.

I had the pleasure of chatting with Katie Lawson, founder of Fungal Focus, in late 2022 to get the scoop on everything mushrooms and mycology. As a die-hard mushroom advocate, Katie saw a need to expand the community of mushroom growers and fungal advocates in Salt Lake and the surrounding areas, and she has done just that with Fungal Focus. Unfortunately, her “season” was winding down when we talked back in the fall. But, exciting news! Her 2023 workshops and community-supported agriculture (CSA) mushroom grow kits are officially up for grabs! 

Offering educational workshops and CSA-style culinary mushroom grow kits, Fungal Focus seeks to support and encourage homegrown mushroom production in Salt Lake City. And the best part? The CSA mushroom grow kits are curated specifically for our climate, so you can be sure they will grow successfully in our region.

Katie enlightened me on the importance of selecting the right mushroom grow kit for your region. The commercialized grow kit I had previously purchased online was likely produced in a different environment, with a different humidity level and altitude than what we have here in Salt Lake City’s high desert. No wonder it was disappointing and made me feel like a mycological failure. The Fungal Focus CSA grow kits are handmade right here in Salt Lake City, with an eye for sustainability and variety. So, you can be sure that the species in the kit have been vetted for our climate and will grow successfully.

Every CSA mushroom grow kit comes with a different variety each month that works best for the current season. Some cool types that caught my eye were Blue Oyster, Aspen Oyster, Pink Oyster, Shiitake, and Phoenix Oyster mushrooms. Oyster mushrooms are perfect for beginners and taste super yummy with a great texture!

But it’s not just about growing mushrooms at home. Katie is passionate about educating others on the importance of mycology and its impact on ecosystems, forests, and even our health. Fungal Focus offers regular workshops. Some of her upcoming classes include: 

  • Fungal Ecology: From Forest to Farm (or Garden!) workshop on March 20 & 27 through Lifelong Learning
  • Mycology For Beginners workshop on April 3 & 10 through Lifelong Learning
  • Fungi Inside & Out workshop on April 17 & 24 through Lifelong Learning
  • Mycology For Beginners workshop on May 18 & 25 through Lifelong Learning
  • Mushrooms 101: Putting the Fun in Fungi (Ages 9-11) workshop through U of U Youth Education from June 5-9
  • Mushrooms 101: Putting the Fun in Fungi (Ages 12-14) workshop through U of U Youth Education from June 5-9
  • Fungi Inside & Out workshop on June 15 & 22 through Lifelong Learning
  • Fungal Ecology From Forest To Farm workshop on July 10 & 17 through Lifelong Learning

So, whether you’re a seasoned mushroom lover or just starting, there’s never been a better time to start growing your own delicious, and nutritious mushrooms at home with the Fungal Focus mushroom grow kits.

Read more about why you should join a CSA and of course about the magic of mushrooms.

Lydia Martinez
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