2024 Outstanding Restaurant of the Year: Urban Hill

Last year, we named Urban Hill one of our four restaurants to watch. The Salt Lake outpost of Park City’s Hearth & Hill announced its presence with authority when it opened in the Post District in 2023.

Now it’s an outstanding representation of what can happen when dedicated owners put their money where our mouths are. Owner Brooks Kirchheimer and his family have hired the best in the business, namely, Executive Chef Nick Zocco and a supporting cast of service standouts. The food on the plate is bold, the delivery is educated and efficient without being officious or pedantic and the wine glasses are always full of selections from a daring list. Awards panelist Stuart Melling summed up our thoughts. “Everything they do is so high-end and thoughtful,” he says. “They actually pay their staff a living wage that translates into service quality. Every time I go, I inevitably have some weird question for the server like, ‘Is this preserved lemon in the jus?’ and they ALWAYS know the answer. I have yet to stump them.” 

510 S. 300 West, SLC  |  urban-hill.com

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Jeremy Pugh
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