Utah Arts Orgs Find Ways to Perform in Spite of COVID-19

Usually at this time of year, SLC dance aficionados know to anticipate a new performance from SBDance, the innovative troupe that presents original startling, beautiful, game-changing, thought-provoking—and often funny—dance. Like a nude dancer singing “you say tomato, I say tomahto,” or a stage full of ping-pong balls or dancers performing with a slippery prep table. This year, because of COVID-19 precautions, SBDance is bringing the performance to you. Don’t ask me what that means—I haven’t reserved my show yet. But you can go here and schedule your own private “curbside mobile art munchie that can be consumed with safe social distancing.

In the last few months, live performance has become a thing of the past. We’re Zooming, streaming, bingeing, Tic-Tok—everything is on a screen. But SONDERimmersive’s take on Romeo and Juliet, called “Through Yonder Window” is live theater. It’s being performed in Gateway’s parking garage and you watch through your car window, as if you were at a drive-in movie and, blending Shakespeare’s language with contemporary themes, makes a whole new point out of the forever love story while following all the COVID-19 rules for distancing, etc. Gaze at fair Verona through your car windshield. It’s a limited run, so get your tickets here. Now.

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Mary Brown Malouf
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