What to Drink On Your Outdoor Adventure

In the Black Forest of Germany, one can walk the Schnapsbrunnenweg, the “schnapps fountain trail,” on which hikers can find ten magical wells filled with bottles of homemade spirits, made for them to imbibe for strength on the journey. While this fairytale tradition has not made its way to Utah, we have our own version: BYOB (or W or C). Here are the outdoor-friendly (read: canned) beverages that pair best with your intended outdoor activity, from home-grown Utah beer to canned cocktails from local distillers.

Mountain biking—pair with wine

Utah beer

Just like the varied terrain beloved by mountain bikers, pack along something rugged and versatile that also fits in a bicycle’s bottle holder. Revelshine Wine comes in recyclable and durable aluminum bottles and three varieties—red, white and rosé. revelshinewines.com

Day hiking—pair with sparkling rosé

Utah beer

Stop and enjoy the mountain views with something lightly sweet, refreshing and effervescent. Grid City’s Rosé Hard Seltzer is a drinkable white wine/seltzer hybrid that sings like a crisp French rosé wine and comes in a handy, portable can. gridcitybeerworks.com

Camping—pair with high-point Utah beer

Utah beer

While sitting around the campfire, swapping stories or staring at the flames in silence, you want a full, complex beer you can sip all night. Bewilder Brewing’s Imperial Mole Porter is an English-style porter aged in tequila and mezcal barrels. It’s rich and it’s a whopping 10.2% ABV. bewilderbrewing.com

On the water—pair with classic American beer

Utah beer

It’s a little on the nose, but Fisher Brewing started near the water on the Jordan River and still sips well on the water. Whether casting lines or floating rapids, pack along an oil can (or two) of Fisher Beer—it’s a classic, crisp and clean American Lager. Bonus points if you also bring along a Fisher ball cap. fisherbeers.com

Outdoor Concerts—pair with cocktails

Some of us prefer to enjoy the summer outdoors from a low-riding lawn chair, on the grass, listening to our dad’s favorite band. Fill the backpack-cooler with canned cocktails like Sugar House Distillery’s Raspberry Whiskey Sour. sugarhousedistillery.net

Backpacking—pair with spirits

Utah beer

If on the trail for multiple days, carrying a case of beer isn’t practical, so bring something that packs a punch because you can’t bring much. Simplicity Cocktails’ Bourbon Whiskey (in a can) helps take the edge off. drinksimplicity.com

ATV-ing—pair with water

Do not drink alcohol and operate a motor vehicle. And, have we got the portable, canned water for you: Beaver Water. The newer company cans Tushar Mountains spring water—long credited as not just Utah’s best water, but the best-tasting water in the nation—with a sense of humor. drinkbeaver.com

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