Utah Chili Challenge Heats Up September

Chili is a staple of firehouse kitchens everywhere, including Utah. At the annual Utah Firefighter Chili Cookoff, happening this Friday, more than 20 firehouses from around the state bring their best chefs to crush, dice and stir their way to victory.

The winners get a golden fireman’s axe. Yeah. Rad. 

But more importantly, they get bragging rights. Proceeds from the event benefit the University of Utah Burn Camp, which supports burn survivors.

Tips for the perfect pot

“The trick is to undercook the onions. Everybody is going to get to know each other in the pot. Don’t forget to stir everything from the bottom up!”

– Robert Marriot,
Engineer, Unified Fire Authority

“A surefire way to ruin a pot of chili is to put noodles in it. Don’t do that. Ever.”

– Dallas Andreen,
Engineer, SDMF Local 5143

“Many people want your recipe. Give them almost all of the ingredients, but not everything, so that it does not taste exactly right. You keep that with you, and maybe pass it onto your kids. But nobody should know the exact recipe but you.”

– Zackery Hatch,
West Valley Professional Firefighters

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