Jump on the food-truck wagon, and take your pick from over 30 food trucks from all over Utah County at a Food Truck Round-Up, held every Monday in Spanish Fork, Tuesday in Pleasant Grove, Wednesday and Friday in Orem and Thursday in Provo.

Imagine a truck-to-truck line-up weaving around crowds of people from all walks of life: young families gathered around circular wooden tables, a few members of the Sheriff’s Department taking a dinner break, college students, elderly couples, teenagers.

Probably the most well known truck, the Provo Round-Up started up last winter and boomed in popularity as the weather warmed and more people came out.

The number of trucks has grown, too. More well-known trucks, such as Sweet Burrito and Waffle Love, started the trend. Now you might find Mouse Trap Grill (artisan grilled cheese), Pound It Kebabs (European street food) or The Matterhorn (French toast).

What’s on the menu? Typically, pizza, BBQ and Mexican food.

Usually food trucks are a grab-and-go type of thing, but these round-ups allow diners to picnic against a building wall or at a nearby park. Since the round-ups are a gathering of sorts, start-up companies take advantage of the opportunity to give out candy and an ad or two. Street musicians play for money, balloon art might be seen and there is a logo competition being held on Provo Round-Up’s Facebook page.

When they’re not at the round-ups, you can find your favorite food trucks’ locations by following them on your choice of social media. Food trucks often park at special events, road races, carnivals or really just anywhere with lots of people and few dining options.

Round-Up dinners go from 5–9 p.m. in the following locations:

Monday: 616 Main Street, Spanish Fork

Tuesday: 330 S Main Street, Pleasant Grove

Wednesday: 125 W Center Street, Orem

Thursday: 560 S 100 W, Provo

Friday: 980 W 800 N, Orem

And a few lunch (11 a.m. – 2 p.m.) locations:

Tuesday: 292 Mt. Way Drive, Lehi

Wednesday: 384 S 400 W, Lindon