Utah Halloween by the Numbers

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If you ain’t scared of no ghost, head to the Utah Paranormal Expo, a collection of all phenomena defying scientific explanation. More than 3,500 paranormal enthusiasts are expected to come together to celebrate otherworldly subjects, including ghosts, extraterrestrial life, unidentified flying objects, psychic abilities and extrasensory perception.

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3700 West Street

Drive along “Gentile Street” in Layton at night, if you dare. Multiple drivers have reported seeing a lone man screaming  and running toward their vehicles, only to vanish into thin air.


Area, in acres, of Skinwalker Ranch in Uintah County, known by investigators as a hotbed of paranormal activity. Reports include disembodied voices, strange orbs of light, crop circles and odd animal behavior.


Percentage of Americans that believe in ghosts, according to a Chapman University study. Interestingly, religious and conservative people are more likely to report a belief in the paranormal.


In China, the pronunciation of the word for the number four is similar to the Chinese word for “death.” Many buildings in China skip a fourth floor, just as American builders sometimes omit the 13th floor.


Number of registered Utah organizations specializing in the paranormal.


Percentage of Americans that report an encounter with a ghost, according to Pew Research.

40.759798, 111.865328

The latitude and longitude marking the gravesite of Jacob “Emo” Moritz, the first satanic worshiper in Utah. After locals burned him at the stake, Moritz’s ashes were placed in an urn and stored inside the window on the front of his grave. Legend has it that if you walk around Emo’s grave three times while chanting, “Emo, Emo, Emo,” the face of Jacob Moritz will appear inside the window on the front of the grave.

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