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OK So Now There is Heli-Biking in Utah

OK So Now There is Heli-Biking in Utah

Whisper Ridge is already renowned for its powder-fueled cat and helicopter skiing, and now they’re expanding their operation to offer Utah heli-biking adventures in the warmer months. You may not have had much exposure to heli-biking, which had previously been exclusively limited to professional mountain bike films and pricey operations across the coast range and Canadian Rockies, which is why Whisper Ridge is making waves with the first heli-drop program for mountain bikers in the lower 48.

For less than $200 per day, you can hop in a whirlybird for an exhilarating ride to the top of the Limber Pine trail. From there it’s a five and a half-mile ride down through loamy, high-elevation pine forests in the northern Wasatch for over 2,300 vertical feet. With only around 60 riders accessing the terrain each day, it’s a little slice of singletrack heaven for every Utah biker who’s had to deal with blown-out, moondust-filled corners and close calls on highly-trafficked two-way trails.

A single heli-drop at Whisper Ridge costs $200, with each additional bump costing $100 if just one wasn’t enough to get your fix. A full-day pass includes four drops and nearly 10,000 feet of descending for $475 per person. A six-pack pass runs $995 and can be used by one rider for six rides at any time during the season or for an individual six-person group heli-drop for your crew. The $166 per-person cost with the latter option is an absolutely unheard-of value for a heli-drop, especially since you can spend the rest of the day pedaling back to the top for more runs at no additional charge.

Whisper Ridge is in the process of expanding their trail network and should have even more terrain available by later this summer. Additionally, riders can access Whisper Ridge’s Yurt Village for a luxury camping experience that’s just over an hour’s drive from Sale Lake City but feels worlds away.

8990 UT-165, Paradise, 801-876-4664, whisperridgeutah.com

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