Where Local Fashionistas Go For Mani-Pedis

We asked local celebrities to give up the dish on their favorite nail salons.

Utah Nail Salons
Six nail polish colors from Got Beauty

Utah Nail Salons
From top to bottom: Snowed In, Jingle Jangle, 24 Below, Belle Bottom Babe, Snakeskin, Trippie Hippie, all $6, Got Beauty, SLC.

The moment where they ask “Pick a color” at the nail salon just got a little more exciting. Light up your lacquer this spring with pearly, two-tone mixtures that shimmer. Think of it like balayage for the nails, but with chrome and glitter. Want to try the trend without all the flash? Match it to your go-to hue and try the shimmer to one finger…or two.

Salon Chatter — Where do local fashionistas go to get their mani-pedis? To try out the latest nail trend or stick with a go-to hue, these boutiques are vetted by the best.

Shauna Lake: Nail Garden

Shauna Lake, KUTV evening news anchor

2420 E. Fort Union Blvd, Cottonwood Heights

“Yen does the best job. I’m currently obsessed with the clear dip with gel
overly in OPI’s Copper Meets Rose Gold.”


Gina Barberi: Nailed

Gina Barberi,X96 Radio From Hell Co-Host

3369 S. Highland Dr., Millcreek or
875 East 700 South, SLC

“They have so many talented people, usually can get in the same day, and they use sterilized tools. My favorite polish right now is Tell Me About It, Stud’ by OPI’s Grease Collection. I’m a Grease nerd.”

Michelle Cousins: Harper Nails

Michelle Cousins,Michelle Leo Events owner

1840 E. 9400 South, Sandy

“I can walk in without an appointment and not have to wait forever. My favorite polishes are Sweet Romance, Melody
and Candy Crush.”