Bjorn’s Brew, Pup Cups Cafe, and Tinker Cat Cafe: Utah’s Coffee Shops Brewing with Compassion

Utah is known for its majestic landscapes, from picturesque mountains to sprawling deserts. But nestled within these natural wonders are urban spaces filled with heart and soul. Symbolic of this are coffee shops that aren’t just serving brews but also serving their community. Pup Cups Coffee, Bjorn’s Brew, and Tinkers Cat Cafe lead this compassionate charge.

Pup Cups Coffee: Pouring Love, One Cup At A Time

Located inside Coffee and Treasures Thrift Shop, Pup Cups Coffee goes beyond your usual coffee experience. Every time you pick up that enticing cup of cappuccino or a freshly baked pastry, you’re pouring love back into the community. A significant chunk of their proceeds goes directly to local animal shelters. And it’s not just about numbers. Drop by on a weekend, and you might encounter an adorable pop-up adoption booth seeking homes for lovable pups. Owner Rachelle Coburn says, “The ultimate goal is to just get all the dogs adopted.” “Our give back is full circle. We use Hugo Roasting, which gives back to animal rescues, and we give back to animal rescues. So whether we’re buying from Hugo or you’re buying from us, you’re contributing.” And don’t leave without trying the Mutt Matcha or the Shar Pei. They’re as delightful as they sound.

Pup Cups Coffee
7136 S. Redwood Road, West Jordan

Bjorn’s Brew: Drive-thru, Dive-in, Give Back

Launching in 2008 as a solace for locals and mountain-bound adventurers, Bjorn’s Brew has grown significantly since its early days. Post a change in stewardship in 2014, Bjorn’s didn’t just stay a drive-thru; it bloomed with a cozy patio and a second lane. 2018 brought another feather in their cap: a new location boasting a drive-thru paired with a sit-down cafe. Not only is Bjorn’s Brew passionate about coffee but about local animal charities as well. In 2022, Bjorn’s Brew donated $37,300 to various local animal charities.
And their coffee shop hallmark? Each beverage was adorned with a gingerbread dog cookie, a tasty treat for the two-legged patrons. Yet, furry friends aren’t forgotten. These animal-loving baristas always have a natural bone treat on hand for canine companions.

Bjorn’s Brew
2358 Foothill Drive, Salt Lake City

2165 South State Street, South Salt Lake

4679 S Highland Drive, Salt Lake City

Tinkers Cat Cafe: Caffeine, Cuddles, and Cat Lovers’ Paradise

As Salt Lake City’s pioneering cat cafe, Tinkers is more than just a place to sip a cup of coffee or tea. Each beverage pays homage to our feline friends with quirky names like ‘catpuccino’ and ‘camomeow tea’. Partnering with local artisans, Tinkers serves a range of pastries. Be it vegan, gluten-free, or traditional, there’s a treat for every palate. But what sets Tinkers apart is its Cat Lounge. This cat-centric sanctuary, peppered with scratching posts and comfy seating, is a haven for cat adoption. Every purring resident hails from the Salt Lake County Animal Services, waiting for a ‘furrever’ home. If adoption isn’t on your mind, simply bask in the therapeutic aura of feline company. Just remember to book time with the cats in advance.

Tinkers Cat Cafe:
302 East 900 South, Salt Lake City

Utah’s coffee scene is brewing more than beans. It’s a blend of love, community, and transformative experiences. Here’s raising a mug to Utah’s coffee havens, where every drink is about heart, purpose, and community. Cheers!

Greg Brinkman
Greg Brinkman
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