Vampire Facials

Westgate Park City Resort & Spa has partnered with local medical center Utah Stem Cells Clinic to offer the latest in stem cell treatments at Serenity Spa by Westgate.

Among the new offerings is the Vampire Facial, which gained notoriety due to its unique techniques and popularity with celebrities. The treatment extracts platelet-rich plasma from the client’s blood and uses that plasma to repair and rejuvenate the skin. The treatment reduces lines and wrinkles, tightens skin, evens skin tone, including scars, stretch marks and hyperpigmentation.

Dr. Cimikoski is one of the few doctors in the U.S. certified to perform the procedure. He is also a certified provider of the Vampire Facelift and Vampire Breast Lift, both of which are non-surgical, no-downtime cosmetic procedures.

“Guests can receive a treatment on a Friday and then relax and enjoy all the wonderful amenities of the resort throughout the rest of the weekend,” said Dr. Cimikoski.

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