Three Walk-Up Windows in Salt Lake

Although Salt Lake has plenty of food trucks and now food halls, there is a dearth of restaurants offering fast, portable food meant to be eaten—now that summer is here—outside or while strolling the streets in-between stops on a pub crawl. But several restaurants are punching holes in the walls (or have already) to serve the roaming diner.

Copper Common’s Hot Buns

Ryan Lowder always wanted Copper Common
to be a “spot where you could eat and drink on
a Sunday night in Salt Lake.” For which we thank him. Serving a late-night crowd in any city takes a special commitment, just ask Lowder’s late-shift staff and the crew at the Pie Hole. But Common is an intentionally small space so Lowder knocked a hole in the wall onto Edison Street and bought a neon sign that blazes “Hot Buns” to beckon the bar crowd. Hot Buns will serve
a rotating menu of burgers, hot dogs, fries, soft-serve ice cream and something he calls “Phocup,” which is, duh, Vietnamese Pho in a cup.
11 E. Broadway, SLC,

Pie Fight

Pie Fight never was anything but a walk-up window and a welcome addition to the 9th and 9th neighborhood. Specializing in a small menu of hand-sized pies and pasties both sweet and savory. (We especially love the Macaroni & Cheese pie, as not everyone in Utah has a sweet tooth). The pies are a perfect addition to a summer stroll in Salt Lake. 

937 E. 900 South, SLC,


Yet another “hole in the wall” that is just a hole in the wall, Buds is a favorite of the vegan and vegetarian crowd. Heck, it’s a favorite of the people-who-like-to-eat-food crowd. Buds is an excellent example of a vegan restaurant that wears the plant-based label with pride but makes plant-based food that tastes like actual food in the form of massive sandwiches that can be taken to go or eaten out front at Buds’ popular picnic tables. 

509 E. 300 South, SLC,

Photo courtesy of Buds

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Jeremy Pugh
Jeremy Pugh
Jeremy Pugh is Salt Lake magazine's Editor. He covers culture, history, the outdoors and whatever needs a look. Jeremy is also the author of the book "100 Things to Do in Salt Lake City Before You Die" and the co-author of the history, culture and urban legend guidebook "Secret Salt Lake."

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