Ask the Experts: Founder of the Ward Institute Dr. P. Daniel Ward

When it comes to aesthetics and plastic surgery expertise, P. Daniel Ward, MD is among the best of the best. Not only is Dr. Ward the founder of Utah’s leading plastic surgery clinic, the Ward Institute, but he’s also one of the most trusted voices in the entire industry. He regularly lectures around the world, to places from Bozeman, Montana to Moscow, Russia. Still, he’s made Utah his home and the Ward Institute the local leader in aesthetics and plastic surgery.

But to hear Dr. Ward explain the philosophy behind the plastic surgery center, you might be surprised.

“We are plastic surgeons and aesthetic professionals, but we really could not care less about how someone looks,” he says.

“The reason for the counterintuitive approach is simple,” he continues. “When a person is looking to have a plastic surgery procedure done, they’re not hoping to look better. More importantly, Dr. Ward says, they’re looking to feel better.”

“We care about how our patients feel on the inside,” Dr. Ward says. “But it’s interesting how much we feel on the inside is influenced by how we see ourselves on the outside.”

For example, a person with a bump on their nose or a bit of sagging in their face might be a bit insecure about themselves. With the gentle touch and top-notch skill found in the surgical staff at the Ward Institute, which includes Dr. Ward, a solution can be found that is both aesthetically pleasing as well as safe and comfortable post-op.

That, Dr. Ward says, is why patients regularly choose the Ward Institute, even with many other less expensive plastic surgery options in the area.

“For us, the most important things are safety and quality. We pride ourselves in providing the best possible experience for our patients,” says Dr. Ward.

While Dr. Ward excels in rhinoplasty and has pioneered a minimally-invasive facelift and chin tuck procedure, which allows him to see patients from around the globe, the other doctors are also excellent within their specialties, which runs the entire gamut of plastic surgery services.

The roster of surgeons includes facial plastic surgeons, Dr. Bethany Powers, who excels in rhinoplasty, facelift, eyelid rejuvenation, and transgender care and Dr. Caitlin Iorio, who specializes in lips, noses, and eyelids. Dr. Rouzbeh Kordestani is a plastic surgeon who performs breast augmentation, reduction, and lifts; tummy tucks; mommy makeovers; liposuction; and has a special interest in treating loose skin after weight loss. Finally, the team benefits from the highly trained and experienced dermatologist Dr. David Smart, who performs laser treatments, liposuction, injectable treatments, and skin cancer removal.

But the most important people at the Ward Institute, as Dr. Ward would say, are the clients. Not only do Dr. Ward and his staff lend their expertise to whatever need comes into the clinic, but they also provide their patient with a life coach as part of their journey. At the end of the day, the Ward Institute isn’t just altering a person’s physical appearance, it’s about much more.

“Our mission is to provide genuine care and service,” Dr. Ward says. “Not just to change how someone looks, but to use this opportunity to give clients the self-confidence and assurance they need to accomplish all the goals in their lives.”

Ward Institute

6233 s. 3000 east, Salt lake city | 801-871-8236

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