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The face is a manifestation of each individual person’s identity, and at Ward M.D., their doctors treat patients with facial injuries and defects caused by anything from skin cancer and motor vehicle accidents to domestic violence and genetic conditions. They strive to help each patient reconnect their identity after these traumatic events, and with his highly trained staff, Dr. P. Daniel Ward is able to restore that dream for countless patients each year. 

“Our philosophy is that when it comes to the face, we are here to help,” Dr. Ward says. “As a facial plastic surgery practice and as a chain of Derm Spas, we are very concerned about facial appearance. We are even more concerned when there is a deformity that arises from cancer or trauma.”

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Over the years of treating these cases, Ward M.D.’s team has discovered that some families take on significant financial hardship in order to pay for these life-changing procedures. Not wanting people to choose between livelihood and identity, Dr. Ward began dreaming of ways to ease the financial burden. His efforts began with waiving fees associated with the Ward clinic, but the costs of laboratory testing, anesthesia, X-ray and radiology services were still overwhelming for many.

In the face of these hurdles, Dr. Ward established the Face Hope Foundation, designed to help families in need offset the costs of restorative plastic surgery treatments.

Most frequently, the program works with referrals from hospitals and clinics around the state, seeking help for patients with defects from cancer, facial paralysis or facial trauma who need the level of specialized care that Ward M.D. can offer.

“We do not want the ability to pay for the service to inhibit a patient from seeking the care they need,” Dr. Ward says. “This program gives us the ability to see any patient in need, regardless of their insurance status or ability to pay.”

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“We are proud to have been able to donate over $550,000 in treatments last year alone,” says Dr. Ward. “In 2023, we would love to be able to expand our offerings to more patients.”

With skin cancer rates rising each year, more and more patients are in need of facial care as a result of skin cancer removal. Ward M.D. wants to be available to all potential patients in need, and donations allow them to get one step closer to that goal. Contact the Ward M.D. team at to find out how to contribute.

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