Top No. 1 Reason to Eat Dessert in Utah

I don’t often need a reason to eat dessert—but give me a reason to eat it guilt free and I’m in! All five Wasatch and Squatters Brew Pubs are featuring Dessert for the Desert to support the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance—the folks who stand between Bears Ears and Utah’s lawmakers.

Running the entire month of April, 100 percent of the proceeds from the sale of the desserts will go to the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance to support the defense and preservation of Utah’s remaining wilderness-quality lands. This year’s delicious repast will be a Southwest Brownie with a chipotle chocolate sauce.

“Given the potential loss of the Outdoor Retailer conventions over land use in Utah, Squatters and Wasatch want to show solidarity with those who love and are working to protect our incredible public lands. We can think of no better recipient for this year’s campaign than SUWA,” says Doug Hofeling, Squatters CEO. “Last year’s promotion raised over $20,000 and with the help of Nicholas and Company, who have again generously agreed to donate all of the ingredients to make the desserts, we are hoping to increase that amount this year.”

So grab some friends, head over to a Squatters or Wasatch pub and dig into the defense of our home-grown wilderness.

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