WB’s Eatery ‘Weed Socials’ Breathe New Life Into Ogden’s Historic 25th Street

Ogden’s Historic 25th Street has had endless iterations over the decades, culminating in what is now–a lit-up, highly walkable strip of brew pubs, restaurants, art galleries and myriad independently owned shops, showcasing a fusion of the town’s frontier roots and ability to fill a new-age niche. WB’s Eatery is both driving that revitalization and taking advantage of it, hosting weed-friendly socials in its hip space in The Monarch.

WB’s Eatery is the brainchild (or maybe “flower child” is more appropriate?) of partners Amy and Viviane Wanderly-Britt, who also own the Utah institution Pig & A Jelly Jar. Every month, they host socials at WB’s Eatery featuring a menu of cocktails (that come in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic versions), small bites and, occasionally, stand-up comedy and CBD and other product vendors. 

Comedian at WB's Eatery social in Ogden.
Stand-up comedian Scott Fillmore holds inflatable “cigarette” while performing at WB’s Eatery.

The socials draw an eclectic crowd of young and old, drinkers and nondrinkers, smokers and nonsmokers—all pretty cool people, TBH. At Wednesday’s social, we sidled up to the bar and got to know a woman in her sixth decade who called herself “Nana” whose drink of choice was spiced rum, straight. When the stand-up comedians started doing their thing (two guys named Sam D’Antuono and Scott Fillmore who knew how to play to their weed-loving crowd), she laughed and cheered louder than anyone. The women seated next to us were spicing up their nonalcoholic cocktails with drops of their favorite CBD tincture. (Many varieties of which are available for sale by vendors at WB’s Eatery.) The energy is casual, lighthearted and inclusive, perpetuated by the owners, Viviane and Amy, who were personally tending to their diverse clientele. The socials are something of a return to form for them, as they opened WB’s Eatery in November 2019, just before the pandemic. They had to go to curbside delivery for sometime, but they still managed to do some growing before reopening for the complete in-person experience.

WBs Eatery art installation from Flaming Lips Ogden Twilight Concert
WB’s Eatery displays art installation seen in Flaming Lips Ogden Twilight concert.

The cocktails were tasty and complex, mixed by a young, smiling bartender named Alex. I’m a big fan of an eggwhite sour and the drinkslinger did not disappoint with the nonalcoholic “Agent Orange,” which surprises with a jalapeno kick on the back end, or the alcoholic “Sour Teasel,” which balances the sour citrus with sweet honey maple. It was all geared toward kicking back with a good drink, some light food and enjoying the company and atmosphere. The space itself is open and airy with high windows and glass doors that open out onto a cozy patio, crowned by a chrome balloon art installation recently featured in the Flaming Lips’ performance at Ogden Twilight. 

All in all the social, the space, the concept and the crowd seem indicative of the way Ogden’s Historic 25th Street, and the greater Nine Rails District, is heading, especially coupled with the influence of places like The Monarch, which provides a collaborative space for artists and art lovers as well as creative business ventures. Don’t let the construction scare you away! The lot next door, owned by the people behind The Monarch, is set to become a park and open space. And don’t be surprised to see more from this up-and-coming neighborhood as it attracts more of the same cool crowd you’ll catch at WB’s Eatery socials.

Find more information on upcoming weed socials on the WB’s Eatery website and more places to drink and dine on Salt Lake Magazine’s food section.

Christie Porter
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