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In celebration of their 25th anniversary, New West KnifeWorks pays homage to iconic western landscapes with an elegant and contemporary new vessel for kitchen blade display: the Arete Knife Block.

The name was a designful epiphany from the New West team. “Arete” comes from Ancient Greek roots, referencing something that perfectly embodies its purpose with excellence; it’s also mountain-climber jargon for a narrow, sharp ridge separating two valleys, just as you’d find in the majestic Teton peaks. What better term to epitomize the company’s pursuit of beauty and functionality in the kitchen?

“In our 25th year, we offer this special piece to our customers as an emblem of the purpose we continue to strive toward,” says Mike Milligan, New West KnifeWorks’ VP and brother of the company founder, Corey Milligan. “And that is to create fine, functional art that brings joy to everyday life.”

“For the past 25 years, New West KnifeWorks has provided homes with kitchen tools that are both beautiful and useful.”

Mike Milligan, Vice President

For many home cooks and culinary pros alike, a traditional knife block is not designed for their uniquely curated knife collections. The Arete Block features an array of magnetic nooks to tastefully display a variety of shapes and sizes of instruments—while also providing a signature accent to the kitchen space. 

“We hope those of you who have patiently put together your own knife kits over the years will find the unique ridges and crags of the Arete the perfect home for your knives,” says Milligan.

These eye-catching pieces, each precision-machined and hand-detailed from rustic blocks of American hardwood, are carved with a variety of angles, providing infinite perspectives as you move about the kitchen. Just as you feel when you embark around jagged mountain peaks, every view is simultaneously unique and eternal.

Arete Blocks are available at New West KnifeWorks’ storefront on Park City’s Main Street, each a reminder of New West’s quest for artistry in the everyday.

New West KnifeWorks

625 Main St., Park City

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