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Skincare for Men

Newsflash: Guys want younger-looking skin too. But where to start? And is there a way to obtain that healthy, youthful glow without being obvious or minimizing desired masculine features? At SkinSpirit, Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist Libby Bauman, R.N.. says the medical-grade boutique spa makes it easy for the no-fuss guy to adopt a simple, game-changing skin regimen. “Then, if he’s curious about taking it a step further because he sees we’re not making him look weird,” Bauman says with a laugh, “we’re at the ready to offer guidance on treatments from softening fine lines to halting hair loss to defining a jawline without surgery.”

Bauman says she prides herself on a conservative approach. “It’s only after I’ve proven I’m not out to peddle products or corner a client into treatments do I gain the kind of trust that allows him to feel comfortable unloading concerns and questions,” she says. “Then we can really get somewhere.”

“We’re at the ready to offer guidance on treatments from softening fine lines to halting hair loss to defining a jawline without surgery.”


Skin 101

1. Home care basics

If you’ve never thought about skincare before, you’ll be surprised how a few medical-grade products like face wash, toner,  antioxidant, and SPF will reduce acne, flakiness and help you get your glow on. SkinSpirit helps guys get into a quick, no-fuss routine that packs a punch.

2. Skin treatments

If you’re ready to talk treatments, Bauman recommends starting with subtle options with little or no downtime like Botox or IPL. Botox is an injectable for softening tired-looking lines and wrinkles without completely freezing them. Intense Pulsed Light, or IPL, is another great option for a man who is noticing brown spots on his face,” says Bauman. “It’s quick, easy, and you’re good to go.” 

3. Hair regrowth

You may know that platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treats injuries and arthritis. Did you know the process of singling out a patient’s own growth-stimulating platelets and then reinjecting them into hair follicles stimulates new hair growth? When used with a multi-layered approach and proper maintenance, results for the right candidates can be seen as soon as a couple of months. 

Whether you’re a guy who’s never used anything but soap and water over your entire body, or you’re curious about anti-aging treatments, Skin Spirit makes upping your skincare game simple and easy to adopt. 

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