Where to Get Allergy-Friendly Takeout in Utah

I am an “allergic person.” My world of food possibilities narrowed instantly when an immunologist informed me of that blunt fact and the accompanying litany of food allergies. Luckily, there is a dizzying number of culinary options out there for people who have dietary restrictions or are vegan or vegetarian. But, when you have to eat in the safety and comfort of your own home, you don’t always know what you’re getting in your meal.

The lack of ingredient transparency on food takeout and delivery apps has burned me before, but, through months of trial and error, I’ve found a few gems that I can safely rely on to be up-front and knowledgeable about the content of their cuisine.

Strawberry shortcake poptart from Passion Flour, a spot for allergy-friendly takeout in Utah
Strawberry shortcake poptart from Passion Flour

Passion Flour is a patisserie and cafe located in an up-and-coming neighborhood if you have a chance to explore while picking up your takeout. They have a solid selection of coffee and tea lattes (I’m partial to the London Fog). My go-to grab-and-go breakfast is the Savory Croissant. The crust is flakey and buttery (despite the lack of butter) and it’s stuffed with potatoes, grilled onions, beyond meat sausage and a house-made cashew cheese.

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Ian Mackaye Burger with mac and cheese and vertical sauce from Verical Diner
Ian Mackaye Burger from Verical Diner

Vertical Diner has an all plant-based menu with some traditional and very non-traditional diner fare. Some of the most popular items, like their Dude Cakes (vegan savory pancakes stuffed with grilled onions and mushrooms, smothered in gravy and french fries) do not travel particularly well, but their Macaroni and Cheese tastes great anywhere in just about any state. Vertical Diner makes their own cheese sauce that is nut-free as well, unlike a good amount of available dairy-free cheese alternatives.

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Oh Mai Sandwich Kitchen offers both vegan and veggie-friendly Banh Mi (Vietnamese sandwiches) and noodles, featuring a deceptively exciting Lemongrass Tofu, but, for the ultimate at-home comfort food, I order up a container of their Vegan Pho (pronounced “fuh”). It’s a restorative noodle soup traditionally made with beef bone broth, but you won’t miss out on any of the flavor with the vegetable-based broth option. If you’re new to Pho, some assembly is required.

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Vegan, thin-crust pizza from Este Pizza, a spot for allergy-friendly takeout in Utah
Vegan pizza from Este Pizza

Este Pizzeria, a long-time Sugar House staple, has three specialty vegan pizza options, complete with the paper-thin crust you’d expect from a New York-style slice. What keeps me coming back, however, is the guilty pleasure that is their homemade—and vegan—Garlic Knots. They’re golden brown on the outside, covered in garlic, oregano and olive oil, and served with marinara sauce. 

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Protein bowl with corn, avocado and beans from Zest Kitchen & Bar
Protein bowl from Zest Kitchen & Bar

We can’t go without mentioning Zest Kitchen & Bar. The widely vegan establishment has a clear menu, detailing all of the major ingredients, and extremely knowledgeable staff. It’s hard to pick just one thing, but Zest’s specialty beverages are some of the best. You can’t get any of their signature cocktails to-go (an absolute shame), but their non-alcoholic and tart Berry Lavender Lemonade is refreshing. Or, skip right to dessert and take home the Chocolate Beet Torte.

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