WholesomeCo Offers Free Medical Cannabis Delivery Service to Salt Lake City

Cannabis Delivery? In Utah?! 

Following the Utah Medical Cannabis Act enacted in 2018, cannabis has become extremely accessible for Utahns with qualifying conditions. WholesomeCo, a medical cannabis pharmacy located in West Bountiful, now offers delivery to 99% of patients across the state of Utah. WholesomeCo has created an online ordering and delivery service that meets requirements set by Utah lawmakers. After following the steps to obtain a medical cannabis card, patients can conveniently receive orders right to their door, for free! As the only licensed pharmacy in Utah offering free statewide delivery, WholesomeCo strives to make medical cannabis accessible for anyone who needs it. 

Delivery order process for WholsomeCo medical cannabis

The Medical Card Process  

Want to experience the convenience of WholesomeCo’s online ordering services for yourself? There are over 40,000 Utahns with a medical card using cannabis to treat a variety of conditions and improve their quality of life. As of now, there are 16 medical conditions approved by the Utah legislature that allows patients to be treated with medical cannabis. The first step is to meet with a qualified medical provider who will determine if cannabis is the right option for you. Try our locating feature to find a QMP near you! Next, register with the State by visiting id.utah.gov. After you have created an account, log in to evs.utah.gov with the same username and password and begin the patient application process. Your medical provider can assist you with any of these steps. 

Simplifying and normalizing the process of using medical cannabis is one of WholesomeCo’s top priorities. The pharmacy has implemented an instant verification for medical card holders. Once you have met with a qualified medical provider and completed the registration process, WholesomeCo can instantly verify your medical card online. You are then eligible to shop and utilize the free delivery service

Safe, Reliable, Wholesome Delivery

Medical cannabis can be a tricky product to distribute due to its seed-to-sale tracking system. Luckily, WholesomeCo’s co-founder and CEO, Chris Jeffery had past experience building an online ordering system similar to what WholesomeCo needed. Prior to the establishment of WholesomeCo, Jeffery co-founded a company called Order Up, a food delivery service similar to Uber Eats. WholesomeCo facilitated their goal of cannabis delivery by working with the Utah legislature to create an interface that interacts directly with consumers, while being overviewed by state regulators. The system is now used to safely deliver medical cannabis to patients, ensuring the right products for a patient’s personal needs. Additional requirements of the service include background screenings for drivers, discreet delivery vehicles, GPS monitoring and security systems. These regulations help guarantee products are kept safe until they reach the doors of Utah medical cannabis patients. 

In-home medical cannabis delivery from WholesomeCo

Next Stop, Salt Lake City!   

WholesomeCo has worked hard to expand their unique and convenient online services. The pharmacy is excited to offer free, same-day delivery options all along the Wasatch front and to many other locations throughout Utah. 

WholesomeCo is there to help each Utahn along their health and wellness journey, even those who may not have the ability to utilize in-store, pickup or drive-thru shopping at their West Bountiful pharmacy location. Think medical cannabis could be right for you? WholesomeCo offers free consultations with expert, doctorate-level pharmacists to help start your medical cannabis journey! Schedule your consultation here today. 

Times available for delivery in the Salt Lake City area are as follows: 

Open days/times:

  • Monday-Saturday: 11-1 p.m., 1-3 p.m., 3-5 p.m., 5-7 p.m.
    • Order same-day until 3 p.m. 
  •  Sunday: 11-1, 1-3 p.m. (place order by 10 a.m.)
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