Help Your Skin Survive Utah Winters

Between the cold temperatures, infrequent moisture and bad air, winter in Utah is not doing our skin any favors. In fact, the season might be actively conspiring to make all of us dry, red and chapped from November-March. It’s not completely hopeless, though. According to the staff at Got Beauty salon and spa, there are some steps we can take to save our skin this winter.

1. Exfoliate

A gentle exfoliant can clear off the dry, dead skin that can cause irritation and breakouts. You can also use an exfoliating lip scrub to help with chapped lips.

2. Time to Moisturize

Put on moisturizer after the shower (which should be warm, not hot, to avoid over-drying your skin), while your skin is slightly damp. You can also reapply throughout the day as needed. If your skin is particularly parched, switch to a moisturizer especially for dry or sensitive skin and consider investing in a humidifier.

3. Speaking of Moisture

Drink lots of water. Just do it. 

4. Protection from the Elements

Bundle up to protect your skin from the cold and, for the parts you can’t cover up, wear sunscreen to avoid sun damage. 

5. Lip Balm But No Licking

Keep a healing and hydrating lip balm in your pocket this winter and apply it before you put anything else on your lips. And do not lick your lips. It only makes them more chapped. 

6. Special Foot Care

Soaking your feet for a few minutes then scrubbing with a pumice sponge can help slough off that flaky skin. Afterwards, you can use peppermint essential oil to help soften and heal any dry, cracked areas. 

7. Take Your Supplements

Got Beauty recommends taking Omega-3 and Vitamin E to help skin retain moisture and collagen and biotin for overall skin health.

Expert Tip: Caring for Sensitive Skin in Winter

Raised in Utah, Tenisha “Isha” Hicks is a celebrity esthetician who owns two beauty wellness businesses, including Isha Esthetics and Wellness (4700 S. 900 East, Ste. 26, SLC), where she works with her highly trained staff. 

“My favorite ‘save face’ product for winter is the Tissue Repair Cream from M’lis (retails $15 per oz). It helps with that cold break down as well as my eczema. I also love the Purete Skin Health Kit from Phytomer (retails $70). It’s the ultimate inversion debunk kit that will keep your skin safe through winter.” —Isha

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