Gaylyn Laspina

Our team at In The Event specializes in a more holistic approach to event production and design. From supplying a comprehensive rental inventory to providing clients with professional event planners, designers and on-site staff, our team is experienced in creating an amazing event from start to finish. For 10 years now, we’ve been breaking the mold of traditional event planners by bringing together equipment and design to offer clients a one-stop-shop when it comes to their event planning experience. We’re based in the Salt Lake City area, where Silicon Slopes and the tech community is expanding exponentially, and In The Event is excited to be the design house that is equipped to handle anything from corporate events and product launches to parties and experiential marketing events. Built from the ground up, our team is no stranger to what it takes to start and propagate a successful business. Along with my husband, Robert, we’ve worked hard to bring together our separate industries, interior design and events, to create a company that gives our clients an extremely detailed and design-savvy approach to the experience they want to bring to life for their own audience.

Q: How does your personality, experience and background influence your business?

”I’ve been involved in some very intense industries, and that has really helped me to develop a tough skin. When we were building In The Event, we literally started from the bottom and had to work our way up through one of the toughest and most saturated markets out there. Having made that journey really helped with my knowledge of the industry, my ability to understand so much of what it has to offer, and has helped me find new and more innovative ways of rising to the top.”

Q: Where do you look for professional inspiration?
”Fashion! When it comes to design, I see fashion as one of the instigators of new trends and movements in the creative industry. From new color trends to how shapes are reinventing classical structures, fashion is just so innovative. I’m also an experienced interior designer, and that always plays into how we create new ways to play with the spaces we use to create events.”

Q: Biggest challenge?
“Definitely scaling a business. Growing in a creative industry is always difficult, as it’s a combination of the technical side of growth, which includes HR, hiring, supply and demand, etc., and also how to continually be reinventing and improving your creative approach to the actual work you do. It’s always a challenge to stay true to who you are as a company when you’re always changing and moving in new directions.”

Q: Best advice?
“Being honest 100% of the time will make creating and maintaining a successful business 100% easier. Not only in staying true to your brand and your identity as a company, but also in how you interact with clients and others in the industry. There are so many moving pieces in the world of events, and being truthful brings a peace of mind that is so essential in this fast-paced industry.”

Q: What’s new?
“So much has happened for In The Event even in the past few months! With our new location in Wyoming, the new website, and so many new additions to our decor and event technology inventory, we’re ready for the next level!”

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