Women in Business: Marsha Holfeltz/Madison McCord Interiors

In the face of persisting supply chain woes disrupting the design industry since peak COVID-19 season, one Utah business has managed to stay ahead of the curve, executing deliverables for clients and designers with apparent ease. 

Marsha Holfeltz, founder of Madison McCord Interiors, is a regular supply chain guru, with a history of manufacturing expertise that long predates the post-2020 blues. Prior to founding Madison McCord, Holfeltz worked as a textile buyer for corporate advertisers, and in the drapery market, building relationships and interior design prowess with every step. 

Marsha Holfeltz, Founder of Madison McCord Interiors

“I understand the building blocks of logistics and shipping at a level that many small business owners may not,” she says, citing gratitude for her background, as well as the support she has gotten from Utah customers and industry professionals alike as another facet to her success. 

“I always have staple pieces, but I truly love keeping up with design trends,” Holfeltz says. “I think that personal style is a trickle-down effect: it starts with the clothes, then translates to your home, your hairstyle, everything. I love helping people play with style.” 

With everything under her belt, she is industry savvy in more ways than one, constantly keeping up with the ever-shifting trends of interiors, as well as staying atop her game as a small business owner.

And with 22,000 square feet of showroom at her disposal, Holfeltz and the Madison McCord team have options for any style or taste. Their displays take on a seasonal life of their own, constantly shifting to show off the variety of inventory the shop has on hand. 

“Keeping items on the floor is imperative to our mission of supporting design trade here in Utah,” she says. “We try to cover all angles for our customers, and show them options they can put to use right away.” 

If you see an item you covet in the Madison McCord showroom, it can be in your home later that day, a rarity in the design trade these days. While most furnishings trend toward months of waiting, Holfeltz has put her logistics background to work and has been hard at work ordering her favorite finds (often nearly a year in advance) to show off to customers and buyers for seasons to come. 

Marsha Holfeltz

Founder/Madison McCord Interiors

3690 Highland Dr., SLC 

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