Read these stories and you’ll realize that passion for your endeavor is the number one requirement for an entrepreneur. Every one of the women profiled here—whether their business is in beauty, design, food, fashion or substance-abuse therapy—began with a dream.

But to make a dream come true requires tenacity, sacrifice, resilience, thick skin and lots and lots of old-fashioned hard work. It’s the passion that fuels
the process, that makes trial and error bearable and makes small successes
outweigh discouragement.

“If you are passionate about your goals,” says Heidi Lisardo, co-owner of Puddle Jumpers, “You will wake up the next morning with renewed energy to move forward.”

“Find your passion,” says Tiffany Colaizi, founder of Name Droppers, “And you will love going to work.”

Our Women in Business section salutes these remarkable Utah women whose business is pursuing their dream.[/vc_wp_text]

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