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We are well into “wreath season” which may lead you to the resigned approach of swooping up a mass-produced circle of greens with a red bow at the Home Depot check out aisle. Alas, your door decor strategy need not be limiting, nor traditional. When it comes to the new face of festive wreaths, tradition is gently set aside. We spoke with several experts in the field about the rules (there are few) and tips for success as you break free of that perception of what a wreath “should be.”

1. When does wreath-making season begin
for you?

Sophy Kohler/Park City Nursery The week BEFORE Thanksgiving! We harvest most of our evergreens (8-9 varieties) from Northern Idaho and bring them down to start production. We forage for berries, branches and grasses growing locally, as well as ordering in some specialty materials that don’t grow here. We are also always collecting interesting pinecones throughout the year (been known to fill a suitcase while traveling!) and we’ll incorporate multiple types into various wreaths.

wreath making
Heather Nan Photography/ Soil & Stem

2. What are your top 3 rules or tips for wreath making?

Natalie Cruz/ Petal Coop It really depends on what kind of wreath you are making. I like to think there’s no right or wrong way to make a wreath. Everyone has their own style. I begin by taking inventory of what ingredients I have to work with. I like to stay true with the natural way the elements are moving and puzzle in my stems from there, mixing different textures and varieties together is very important to me as well as adding locally grown varieties to my designs.

wreath making
Heather Nan Photography/ Soil & Stem

3. What are the most common misperceptions with wreath making?

Nicole Land/ Soil & Stem Wreaths aren’t just for winter, evergreens, and yuletide thresholds. Try creating with natural materials available in spring, summer, and fall! Once you learn the art of wreathing, you’ll want to create one for every season. Also, wreathing is not difficult! You don’t need to be the “creative type” or have a background in floristry. There’s no right or wrong, simply make what you like!

wreath making
Cassandra Leconte / Petal Coop

4. What are some underutilized or rarely thought of wreath making materials?

Sophy Kohler/Park City Nursery Look outside for inspiration and materials. This could mean dried seed head pods, grasses, leaves, bare branches. Once I wired in a found bird’s nest into a wreath. Take a walk and see what you come back with!

wreath making
Heather Nan Photography/ Soil & Stem

5. Why are wreaths important during the holidays? 

Sophy Kohler/Park City Nursery Nothing is as welcoming as a beautiful wreath… it’s also bringing in living elements into your space—like a bouquet—just feels fresh and alive.

Nicole Land/ Soil & Stem Wreaths symbolize unity and life; they’ve even been used and hung at doors since ancient Greece and Rome. For me, wreathing becomes a celebration of the season.

Natalie Cruz/ Petal Coop To me, wreaths symbolize the welcoming of the holiday season as well as unity. One of the many reasons why I like to host gatherings and workshops is because it introduces people to who may have not meet or crossed paths with on a daily basis.



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