Best name for a bar—EVER.

yes hell

The spontaneous and unlikely friendship formed on an impromptu road trip no one would have called a good idea resulted in a bar that sums up the attitude and history of Ogden. When musician Sam Smith (yes, that Sam Smith) and newly widowed Melissa Peterson met, they were both at one of those life intersections without a clue which fork in the road to take. Then Peterson found the old space in Ogden, decided to open a bar and called on her old traveling companion, Ogden native Smith to join her.

Neither had owned a bar before.

Yes hell. As in hell yes only, well I guess you had to be there. Yes hell.

And inside joke between the two became a hot spot in Ogden with red velvet wallpaper and Western antiques, left the brick walls and oak floors and harsh, exposed island. A menu of craft cocktails and locally sourced veg-based food makes the place sound like all the other  contemporary cool joints, but the feel is more honky-tonk than hip and the music lineup is impressive. The Yes Hell, 2430 Grant Ave., Ogden, 801-903-3671

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