Miss the coffee shop? How to make the perfect cup from home.

Stopping by your favorite local coffee shop today may not be an option. And of course, like walking into say Sugar House Coffee or Coffee Garden on 9th (follow links to find out their pick-up options), part of the joy of going to a coffee shop is being there, the aroma, the sound of milk being steamed, getting greeted by a smiling barista, and all the revved-up people watching as they sit with earbuds and work remotely on their computers…

The Bean Whole

“It’s a great time to learn different brewing methods at home. Pour overs or aero press. Freshness reigns supreme and the internet has plenty of advice. It’s a time to slow down & really enjoy a great cup you can be proud of.”—Jed Matthews, owner and head roaster at The Bean Whole

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Whaat!! VIrtual Coffee Shops??

Coffitivity is a site that creates the ambient sounds of a cafe, and it’s proven to boost your creativity and help you work better.

While you may have your home brewing methods down (and please don’t say Keurig), we consulted with an expert (well, it’s me, a former barista at Caffe Espresso on 21st South and at Cafe Solstice in Dancing Cranes). Here are some of my best coffee-making from home practices. Now is the time to refine and experiment on your own. Stretch your limits and make the best damn cup of joe you possibly can!

Grind your own beans right before brewing. People, it’s time to try this.

—Select some high quality, organic and locally-roasted whole coffee beans. (I’m a little obsessed with Caffe IBIS single-sourced Guatemalan Forest.)

—Grind them right before you brew them.

—Use filtered water.

—Slowly pour your boiling water over grounds, you can use a number of methods, but using an insulated stainless steel French press is mine. The ideal is when your coffee grounds rise up to the surface and form a mushroom-like dome, that’s a sign of freshness.

You’re almost there.

—Let sit for a few minutes prior to pressing and enjoy, seriously, you deserve it.

It’s your turn. Share your favorite coffee-making tips with us and be well SLC!!


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Jen Hill
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