Your Voice Matters

Have you called your Senator lately?

Leave these two Utah Senators a message and let them know what is on your mind:

Mitt Romney 202-224-5251

Mike Lee 202-224-5444

We don’t ask for much these days. In the political process, you may feel powerless. You may feel discouraged. We get it. And we’re not saying you have to march on Capitol Hill or volunteer to drive folks to the ballots. Consider these six ways to get involved (below). And while things may still go to crap, at least you didn’t opt-out of your democratic rights in the process.

  1. Vote.
  2. Encourage others to vote.
  3. Send your city leaders, Utah Reps and Senators a message.
  4. Attend your city council meetings.
  5. Initiate or support a bill.
  6. Join your Chamber of Commerce.

Let your local leaders know what’s on your mind, the cards are on the table, from the impeachment trial in the U.S. Senate to local issues like the inland port (those issues in particular for SLC are local land use control, taxing authority and protecting the environment), homelessness and air pollution to name a few.

Without getting too Schoolhouse Rock with this, laws are often in flux, with proposed bills being presented to the legislature, our job is to put on our investigator hats. Usually, the Press can keep you on top of what’s most pressing, however, it’s important to understand who’s pushing for what and the motivations behind their actions. For example, in a recent Tribune article, “A Utah lawmaker wants state judges to be elected, not appointed,” Senator Dan McCay, R-Riverton, proposed an amendment of the Utah Constitution that would take away the Utah Governor’s ability to appoint state judges. Why is this being proposed and who else is driving this bill? Good question, Sherlock.

And it doesn’t take a science sleuth to see and feel how our air pollution is affecting each and every one of us (cough-cough). We are very pleased that February 1, 2020, marks the beginning of the state’s “Clear the Air Challenge.” The TravelWise tracker is a great online tool to improve your commute by coordinating carpools, UTA and bike routes.

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Jen Hill
Jen Hill
Former Salt Lake Magazine Associate Editor Jen Hill is a SLC transplant from Bloomington, Ind. As a blogger and feature writer, Jen follows the pulse of the community with interests in urban agriculture, business, fitness & beauty and anything that allows her to get out of the office and into the mountains.

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