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Jan 25th 2011

Sundance Review: Happy Happy

Norwegians are fashion-forward: they like boiled fish, potatoes, fly suits, fjords, being cold, oil and natural gas, eight week's vacation, same-sex marriage and darkness. Read More

Jan 24th 2011

Sundance Review: The Devil's Double

Had George Bush simply needed to furnish a weapon of mass ridiculousness to justify his Iraq war, an advance copy of The Devil's Double would've come in mighty handy. Read More

Jan 21st 2011

Sundance Review: Kaboom

Greg Araki apologists and new wave post-post punk fans (of which I am one) will be behooved to spend a music-video-quick 85 minutes checking in on Kaboom. Read More

Jan 20th 2011

On 30th anniversary of Sundance fest Redford eschews 'commercialism' talks 'shoestring'

Note to my mom: Yes, he is better-looking in person. He was wearing a green flannel (three button on the cuffs - sweet), blue jeans, boots, a skull cap and black-framed specs. He tolerated the press, even those lobbing thinly veiled accusations he/his fest has sold-out/become too commercial. He underscored the importance of the fest not straying far (at all) from its roots 30 years ago and 40 miles away on his home mountain Sundance. He was funny, self-effacing and admitted he'll die before he retires. Read More

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