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Kid-friendly: Disney on Ice and Zombies!

Oct 05th 2012

Kid-friendly: Disney on Ice and Zombies!

Two things you definitely want to get your kids into: a show with all of their favorite Disney stars (tickets just went on sale) and a spooky writing class for the Halloween season. Read More

Oct 31st 2011

Utah Field Guide: Trunk or Treat

In Utah, during the 1970s, Halloween was the first time we went into the night on purpose. Dressed as little ghouls, goblins, ghosts and witches, we braved the dark in wild, shrieking packs, fearless behind our masks and make-up, secure that this night was ours. We belonged in the chilly fall air, the breeze creaking the skeletal trees, leaves crunching under foot. On this night, we were in league with the things that go bump in the night and the shadowy creatures lurking under our beds and in our closets. We junior demons could stride to our neighbors’ porches to demand candy with the threatening incantation: “Trick or Treat!”— which meant, “Give me some candy, Brother Jorgensen, or I will vandalize your home.” Read More

Oct 30th 2011

Ghost of the Week: Rhea at the Sutton-Hurley Home

Salt Lake magazine spent way too much time gathering ghost stories and info on local haunts for the Haunted Beehive story in the October issue (on stands now). We did such a good job, no way could it all fit in eight pages. So, we have been posting those extras on every week until Halloween. Read More

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